Product Development

This new wing construction technology is a low cost configuration resulting in a light weight that is readily stepped. The latest versions of the wing "foil" or shape were developed using an aircraft computer design program using NACA rib designs and a virtual wind tunnel to test for Lift and determine the center of pressure.

Ther are two construction techniques...

1) The laminated ribs, and the aluminum foamed leading edge are the key to a low cost and light weight with wing strength. Each wing foil section weights about 9 pounds, A partial mast configuration will cut the 7 pound mast weight weight by an additional 15%. We can provide DIY plans, wing kits, parts and finished wing systems both standard and custom.

2) Using Carbon Fiber you can also build a real lightweight wing system (under 15# for a 75 Ft\2 wing) using a similar method to create the "nose" portion of the foils.  The all Carbon Fiber design requires some knowledge of vacuum bagging construction techniques. See the photograph in the slideshow showing the Carbon Fiber Nose assembly.

Help is available for how to rig your trailer for transporting the wings.