With the advent of the new America’s Cup Sailboats… the Wing Design is in the forefront of the sailing industry. The intent of X-Wing Sails is to provide a low cost, lightweight wing system with simple AutoTack controls, and ease of transport and handling for the small boat owner… to use and learn how to handle the new sailing technology.

The Dual-wing Wingsail systems, with the controlled slot between them are more efficient than regular sails, especially as the wind strength increases. The slot provides a significant increase in lift to the wing as the air is forced through the slot and creates a lower pressure (lift) just behind the leading edge of the rear wing.

The simple Auto Tack one line control allow the slot to be adjusted for different points of sailing and on both tacks. The "main" sheet is similar to the standard sailboat mainsheet, it attaches to the middle of the lower control arm.

In a recent small boat regattas, after the races were completed several young Opti sailors jumped into a Laser with a wing installed and had fun sailing it around...with everyone commenting that it was easy to sail...