Glide Free Foils

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Glide Free Foils

Laser Foiling Kits available in the USA via Solid Wing Sails
  •  A World first - easy foiling for everyone!!
  •  Experience the excitement of foiling your dinghy!!
  •  Everyone can now experience the thrill of foiling!
  •  Launch easily off the beach in shallow water  
  •  Simple to attach - clips on to your existing boat
  •  Unique fully integrated wand
  •  Easily retractable foils
  •   Retrofit our foiling kits to your dinghy today!... 
Glide Free Foils

Glide Free Foils

Special Features

  • Fully integrated wand, no special attachments
  • Fully retractable foils - both centreboard and rudder
  • No fixings or modifications to your existing boat
  • Launch in knee deep water and sail away!

Displacement Sailing

  • Foils in place - not lifting
  • Sail as a standard dinghy
  • Easy to sail away from the beach
  • Nicely balanced light helm
  • Low drag neutral foil
  • More stable than a standard Laser dinghy
  •  Excellent performance even in light winds

With Hydrofoils and Wing sails you can really make your Laser fly!

Try Out Hydrofoiling Lasers with Wing Sails in Charlotte Harbor

By Chuck Taylor
May 2015 Edition of Southwinds Magazine

Alot has happened in the quest for high-speed sailing in boats of all sizes during the past few years. In 2010, the America’s Cup made a very convincing argument for wing sails. And the Moth sailing dinghy has been building a new class configuration with their highspeed, high-tech foiling system. Then came the 2013 America’s Cup where both technologies were used to stage a spectacular regatta.

Here in Charlotte Harbor, you can try these technologies out. If you’re an experienced dinghy sailor, and gutsy, come try out the foiling kit at the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center this spring and summer. We only have our first shipment of foils, so only a limited number of reservations will be accepted and scheduled at this time.

Read More..... Download the May Edition of Southwinds Magazine [Click Here]  or read the May Edition of Southwinds Magazineonline [Click Here] browse to page 29.


While we have found that the wing sail will improve pointing and footing ability by 10 to 20% in winds over 10 knots...the hydrofoils (foils) will almost double the speed... The foils not only improve the stability when foiling, but also improve the Laser's sailing stability and pointing ability  when sailing in the displacement mode.

The key to foiling is having enough wind to get you up on the foils...depending on the skippers weight and boat weight it will take 10 to 12 knots of wind to foil. 

When new to foiling with Glide Free foils on the will need to adjust your thinking re the change in the apparent wind... all sailors know that when the sailboat speeds up the apparent wind shifts foreward...with the foils this happens very quickly and requires rapid adjustments to the main sheet and the helm.  

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